What is Keywords and Role of Keyword

What is Keyword

A Keyword is a word or phrase, which helps Search Engine to find a related page with an appropriate the search query. When you search anything in Search Engine, you enter a keyword in the search bar, Gooogle Robots finds your query with help of Keywords which you enter in the search bar. Google finds those web pages or websites related to your query then Google Shows you all the results related to your query. For example, if you enter what is blog. Then Search Engine Robots find blog which is keyword and Search Engine shows all those web pages which have blog keyword already added. How to add Keyword in Blog

The role of keywords

The role of keywords is very important for Google Search Engine. Google Search Engine works on Robots. Search engines could crawl sites and, if the keywords are accurate, then Search Engine shows related results. Search Engine crawls sites and find keywords related to search and then show results. Keywords are still an important factor, but they are not the only factor in SEO. There are many more factors are affected SEO. Top 5 SEO Tools for Beginners.

How Google Work

From this image you understand how Google Bots work. When we send any query then it send to google bots and bots crawls web pages or posts and then it analyze web page or post content. Then google bots fetch the data and send it to Google Algorithms. If data pass Google Algorithms then it shows result and rank your web page or blog post in Google Search Engine.

How To Use Keywords

Now, important question is how to use keywords for rank your Sites. Use only quality keyword not quantity of keyword. Using keywords correctly is very important for improve search engine ranking. The first and very important obvious use of keywords during the organic search engine optimization (SEO) process is in the keywords Meta Tag located in the head section of the page's html code. Top Keyword Research Tool

You need to choose the keyword very carefully that are relevant to the particular page, these keywords should be placed in the Meta Keywords tag (<meta name="keywords" content="Here are you keyword">) These same keywords should be placed strategically in the Title and Meta Description of the page. How to add Keyword in Blog

After carefully choosing the keywords that are relevant to the particular page, in order from the largest to smallest phrase with the initial letter of each keyword capitalized. Search engines use the Title and Description (<meta name="description" content="">) as a summary of what the page is about, so placing keyword within those tags is always helpful. Keywords should also be used throughout the content of the page. This typically does not prove to be a difficult process if the keywords you are trying to optimize have been chosen correctly, as they already reflect the theme and intent of the page and will lend themselves to natural use in the text. How to add Description in Blog

Google Search Engine bots generally crawl first 200 words of any page for ranking your website or blogger page. Therefore, it is very important that you must use your main keyword in first 200 pages in your post or page.

It is also important there are keyword used in your page or post title and the link url of your post or page must contain your keyword for better Search Engine ranking. How to make keyword related url of Blog You must used short but effective description about your post or any page of your website or blog.
Useful Tips
So In this article I told you about importance of a keyword. Keyword is very important for rank your website or blog in Search Engine. But using of keyword is very key for user. If you add so many keyword then Search Engine get confuse about your page or post and it is very difficult for Search Engine to rank your blog or website. So always use relevant and trending keyword for your post or website. Top Keyword Research Tool

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