Top 5 Basic SEO Tools for Blogger

Top 5 Basic SEO Tools for Blogger
A Website without traffic is look like a world without human. For generate organic traffic to your website SEO plays a big role. SEO stands Search Engine Optimization. SEO strategy helps you to increase website traffic for your business.

SEO plays a key role for your website or your business, so there is need to to make some SEO strategy for rank your websites or business. Many tools are works behind SEO for your website. Here I will tell you about top 5 SEO Tools which plays a good role of your website for rank top in Google.

Google changes his algorithm time to time. So, your website needed to follow google algorithm. You can update your website according to Google algorithm.

Here, I will tell you top 5 tools or components for SEO. Read this article and learn how to increase your Website traffic through these tools and strategy.
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Top 5 Basic SEO Tools for Blogger


Keyword is main and first step for SEO strategy. Keyword plays a big role for search your website. For example if your website belongs to Shopping, so you have shopping keyword must in your websites because with the help of keyword Shopping you website will be rank in Google Search Engine. There are many tools to find suitable keywords for your post or your website or blogger. Top 10 Keyword Research Tool

If you notice that some keywords are too competitive in your niche, go with long-tail keywords which will be easier for you to rank. The longer the keyword, the less competition you will have for that phrase in the engines.Meta tags. Meta tags still play a key role in SEO. How To Add Keyword in Blogger
Quality Content

It's true, content is king. If your content is unique and qualify content, you must rank first in Search engines. It is best SEO strategy for your website or blogger to rank top in Search Engines. SEO strategy is nothing if your content is not unique and have good quality. So, write a unique and quality content, google is ready to rank your website or blogger top in the ranking of Google Search Engine.
Quality Backlinks

If content is king, then backlinks are queen. If you are beginner of SEO so you must know about Backlinks. Backlinks is important tool for SEO. A “backlink” is one of the most used words in the world of search engine optimization (SEO).Your website or blogger rank doesnot based on numbers of backlinks, but on quality of backlinks. You must need quality backlinks for your website or blogger. Backlinks meaning is very difficult for beginners. Backlinks are links that are directed towards your website.If you have number of backlinks your website or blogger ranks good, but with only quality of backlinks not quantity of backlinks.

For example, if your website or blogger belongs to technical, but you have many backlinks of shopping websites, so you never rank. You need quality backlinks not many quantity of backlinks. You need backlinks relevant to your website or blogger.
Social Media Websites
Your website or blogger is popular if your website or blogger is popular on social websites. There are many social websites where you can share your website or blogger post and attract the audience. Sharing and likes of your posts plays a key role of increasing traffic on your blogger or website. There are many social websites like facebook or youtube attracts your audience to your blogger or website.There are many more Social Websites like Pinterest, Linkdin, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. These social media sites send search engines signals of influence and authority.

Images are the mirror of your blog post or your websites. Images is a big tool for SEO. These images attracts your audience to buy your product or read about any product. For example, if you write a post about top model of car and you share a good car image, audience attracts with your image and learn about your post about that car. Make a good and quality of images for attracts your traffic.
Useful Tips
There are many factors depend on SEO for increase your organic traffic. You must need to share your post on Social Sites. You can also advertisements on Google, use Facebook Advertisements. You can also work with Google Plus to increase your website or blogger traffic and you can use Google Plus communities to share your post.
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