How to Add Keywords in Blogger- Free SEO Tool

Today, I will tell you about How to Add Keywords in Blogger. It is free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tool which helps you to search your blogger or website into Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other Search Engine. Keyword is very important for rank your website or blogger in Search Engine.

What is Keyword and How to Add Keywords in Blogger- Free SEO Tool

You create your blogger or any website. But it is not enough, you now wants to rank your blogger or website on the top of the Search Engine. Keyword and description How to add description in your blogger play key role for rank your website or blogger top in the Search Engine. I will tell you in this article about how to add keywords in blogger or into your blog post.

How to add Keyword in Blogger and Blogger Post

It is very important to add keywords and description How to add description in your blogger in your blogger for rank your website. I will tell you How to Add Keywords in Blogger it is Free SEO Tool.

How to add Keywords in Blogger

I will tell you very easy steps to add Blogger Keywords in your blogger. You doesnot need of any coding just search keywords for your blogger, basically keywords is based on you content. For example if your blogger main content is Fashion, so your keyword may be Fashion, Fashion in India, Latest Fashion, New Fashion etc.

Now follow these steps and add blogger description in you blogger.

Step 1

First of all go to blogger dashboard in which you want to add your blogger description go to and then go to blogger dashboard. 
  • Now click on Theme Tab and 
  • Then click on Edit HTML Tab.

Step 2

  • After this you see coding of all blog. Now go to ctrl plus F and find <head> tag.
  • Now go to <head> and enter
Copy all the Code
<meta name="keywords" content="Your Keywords Are Here">
  • Now move to next Steps
  • Copy this meta keywords code and paste after your <head> tag
  • Now Save Theme.
  • That is complete the process of your meta keywords add in to your blogger.

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How to add Keywords in Blogger Post-Free SEO Tool

Now I will tell you how to add keywords in your blogger post. It is very easy because there is no coding of any language. Just follow all these steps and add keywords into your blogger posts.
How to add description in your Blogger posts
Now follow these Steps to add keywords in Blogger Post
Step 1
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Now click on blogger post or click on edit where you want to add post Keyword
Step 2
  • Now click on Labels and add keywords according to your Blogger post
  • Then click on Done

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